Sunday, November 06, 2005


This is going around J-Land so I thought I’d play too:

Two Names I Go By: Judi and Jude

Two Parts of My Heritage: All my ancestors were Norwegian, but I have a strange affinity for things Russian, including the language (I was a C student in high school French but aced Russian in college)...uhhhhhhh....Grandma? Is there anything you'd like to tell me?

Two Things That Scare Me: Dubya and Michael his nose falling off?

Two of My Everyday Essentials: Coffee and contact lenses

Two Things I’m Wearing Right Now: Earrings and Chanel 22

Two of My Favorite Bands or Musical Artists: Natalie Merchant and Paolo Conte (Italian cruisin’ music)

Two of My Favorite Songs: Black Eyed Dog (Nick Drake) and Santa Baby (Snoop Dog)

Two Things I Want in a Relationship: Brains and humor (and the combination's hard to come by!)

Two Truths (confessions): Most of the time I’m pretty much a straight arrow (that’s one) BUT (this is two), in graduate school, there was a dweeby guy in our class who made life difficult for all of us; he was always whining about how life was unfair, how he was treated badly, yada yada yada. At the end of the second semester, fed up with his incessant whining, my best friend and I began stuffing penis enlargement ads in his graduate school mailbox every chance we got...he COMPLAINED to the administration about it (how dweeby is that?!?!?), but we were never caught. ;p

Two Physical Things that Appeal to Me: I like hairy guys...and blue eyes are a plus

Two of My Favorite Hobbies: Photography and home improvement projects

Two Things I Want Badly (material things): Mexican tile in my guest bathroom and new kitchen countertops

Two Places I Want to go on Vacation: Machu Pichu and Annapurna

Two Things I Want to Do Before I Die: I’d like to write some decent fiction and, like Ms. Lillian, I’d love to do a stint in the Peace Corps before my time on this planet is over.

Two ways that I am stereotypically a Chick: I love to get dressed up for a date in high heels and an outlaw dress and I’d rather go without underwear than without mascara.

Two things I wouldn't normally admit: I’m too self-conscious to enjoy dancing and I have a thing about red-haired guys (no tan lines!) *sigh*

I’d love for others to do this too, so, if you’re so inclined, answer these questions and leave a link. Thanks!


Lily said...

"Two things I wouldn't normally admit: I’m too self-conscious to enjoy dancing and I have a thing about red-haired guys (no tan lines!) *sigh*"

Haha me too lol I won't dance in public, ever lol

Here's mine:

Love your answers! (And Rep or not I laughed when you said "Dubya" lol)


Judith said...

Oh Judi, this is a wonderful list of twos. Coffee and contacts, yup. Machu Pichu, uh huh. Mascara over panties, no doubt there.

Maria said...

Great answers :)

I have done this as well



Theresa said...

Very cool!


Shelly said...

Great entry! I'm too self-conscious to enjoy dancing too but wish I weren't....singing too. I might just do this! GBU, Shelly

Kara said...

That was a fun way to get to know you :)


Pam said...

I'm so glad you remembered that; I'd nearly forgotten how totally wonderfully bad we were!!!!! :);0
We went out to hear some live music this weekend, and the little indie band did a cover of "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and Steve turned to me and grinned. Hey--- no one covers that song like you and me and a couple of feather boas!!

emmapeeldallas said...

LOL! Wellllllll...unless I stop eating so much, it's gonna take more than a COUPLE of feather boas to cover me, but I'll still do that song!



Marina said...

I've already done this in my journal but I really liked your answears LOL
Hugs, Marina

V said...

I’d rather go without underwear than without mascara.


Paul said...

Um...JUST earrings and Chanel? If the answer is yes, I'm smart, funny, blue-eyed, and hairy-chested.

emmapeeldallas said...

LOL - earrings, Chanel and a whole lot of laughter going on here...



Chris said...

Hey Jude (sorry...had to do it),

I want new countertops too but we spent too much on 2 floors of flooring this year, furniture, and other accents. So the kitchen is next year:(