Tuesday, December 18, 2007

fence Before & After

Well, the crew has finished building my fence, and I must say, it's beautiful. If my neighbors are drinking champagne to celebrate the sudden increase in their property values, it wouldn't surprise me. The only thing that's saved me from everyone's wrath (aside from my innate charm, of course) is the fact that most of the fences around me are in similar shape to the "before" pics, this being an older neighborhood and fences being a big expense.

As beautiful as the fence is, the gates are ugly. You may recall that my neighbors, Charles & Melissa (of the armadillo races) have terrific custom gates on their fence, with clean, simple lines. I wanted gates as close to those as could be built, and to that end, the fence salesman and I spent about an hour over there with Charles a couple of weeks ago, with the salesman taking pics to use as a guide in building the gates for my fence.

Then I guess he must have gone out and experienced a major head injury or smoked crack or something, because what I ended up with bears no resemblance to the clean, simple design we agreed upon, and doesn't begin to go with my contemporary house. No, these are gates for a corral on Little House on the Prairie or worse...e.g., if I were a madame in a New Orleans bordello, packing a pearl handled pistol, the gates would be perfect, however...that not being the case...I've told the company they're going to have to change them. Don't get me started on contractors deviating from specific instructions to go rococo all on their own.

I hope to post before and after pics of the gates soon...wish me luck.


Alex said...

The fence looks great. What a big change!

dreaminglily said...

Bah, hate when that happens. Dad goes through mess ups a lot with framing. The construction crews in new houses don't change over the framing to fit in fireplaces and it only takes an extra two days to install what would be a five hour jobs normally. Hope yours is just a screw up on the order. It looks beautiful though!

emmapeelDallas said...

Thanks, Alex and Lily, the fence is BEAUTIFUL, but the gates need to be changed to what I ordered. I'm meeting with the crew tomorrow to try to straighten it out.

Chris said...

Love the fence! When we were in Florida, we took down our old fence (same shape as yours) and put up a picket fence, opening up the back yard to see the pond. The difference was amazing.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! & Fabulous Festivus;)


Erin said...

Just beautiful! :-)