Saturday, December 08, 2007

What I Did Today - Saturday, December 8, 2007

1. I went to Sears to look at range hoods...a wasted trip.
2. I went to Lowe's to look at range hoods - no luck there, either, however, I bought subway tile (3" x 6" white ceramic) for the guest bathroom.
3. I went to Home Depot to look at range hoods (no cigar). While there I FINALLY bought new furnace filters (although I still need to put them in) and Tung Oil (great oil for unfinished wood). Walking down the tile aisle in search of a new trowel, I discovered the same tile I bought at Lowe's for 66% less, so I picked up more subway tile at Home Depot. I'm pleased with the savings, but dread schlepping the other boxes back to Lowe's...those boxes are HEAVY!
4. I spent a couple of hours beginning the arduous task of cutting tile to size, polishing the edges on the belt sander, etc., in preparation for starting to tile the guest bath. I hate prep work.


Chris said...

I had the oddest visual for "range hoods"....pictured a bunch of thugs in a herd on the plains.

Guest bath? Lord woman....don't you ever stop remodeling?

Wyldth1ng said...

Jill of all trades?

emmapeelDallas said...

Chris, I know exactly what you mean:, "range hoods" sounds like a bunch of western actors on horseback, in dusters (I own a duster, btw)...and Wyld, yeah...I've been tiling floors for years, but first tackled walls about a year ago...once I solved the problem of how to do layout on walls (I put a row of finishing nails into the studs at the level where the first row of tiles begins, just above the tile baseboard)'s not so bad after that. And laying tile is incredibly rewarding, because if you've done it right, the finished result always looks good!