Monday, January 12, 2009

Ellipsis - Monday Photo Shoot #20 - Snacks

It's time for Carly's photo shoot again, and the subject this week is SNACK TIME. An afternoon SNACK, a midnight SNACK, a mid-morning SNACK, it's all good. Chips and Salsa, a baked sweet potato, a slice of Starbuck's Reduced Fat Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake, cheese and crackers, fresh veggies and dip, tea and cakes, BBQ potato chips, fresh fruit, Bagel Bites, popcorn, PB&J. Whatever you like to SNACK on, is mighty good for this assignment!

Extra Credit: Show your favorite dish, bowl or tray to serve it on!

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Decisions, decisions. I love food, and I regularly shoot (with a camera) what I've prepared, but what to choose? I almost always prefer salty to sweet, and my absolute favorite thing to snack on is cheese. Strangely though, I have taken almost no photos of the cheeses I love, and at the moment I have none of my favorites in my refrigerator to photograph. But I love equally well a good cappuccino, and since I bought a decent cappuccino maker about a year ago, this is a pleasure I can have whenever I want it. I photographed a nice cappuccino (the foam came out well) in a favorite Italian cappuccino cup and saucer that I bought a few years ago at the now defunct (and boy, do I miss it!) Cookworks on Alpha Road in Dallas. The store wasn't so hot, but the food they sold to eat in or take out was wonderful. And with a nice cup of cappuccino, it's always good to have some dark, bittersweet chocolate. I made individual hot chocolate fudge cakes for dessert on New Year's Day this year. They turned out pretty well, if I do say so, so I'm posting a pic of one of those too. I baked them in the all purpose china bowls in which I usually serve chili. And finally, I'm quite happy snacking on healthy things like fruit, especially tart Granny Smith or sweet Honeycrisp apples, or a nice big juicy naval orange, and so I've photographed some fresh fruit in a favorite Mexican glass bowl on my kitchen table. Mmmmmmm, now I'm hungry!

bowl of fruit  IMG_0954


Suzanne R said...

They all look delicious, but especially the chocolate dessert. I'm a fan of the chocolate food group! LOL!

Carly said...

Hiya Judi :)

I agree with Suzanne :) YUMMMMMMY! I am especially drawn to the bowl of fruit. I will take that pretty green apple in the middle. Now all I need is some sugar free caramel to dip it in! Beautiful photos this week!

Always, Carly