Tuesday, January 27, 2009

EMPS #22: Rocks or Stones

Grab your cameras and show me some ROCKS. Big ROCKS, little ROCKS. LittleROCK, Arkansas, STONE soup. A Zen garden with decorative ROCKS, or how about ROCK cliffs? Sure, why not! A Pet ROCK, or ROCK candy. Take the words ROCK or STONE and use your imagination. ROCK music. ROCKING chair. ROCK ON! Stepping STONES. The Rolling STONES... it's all good!

Extra Credit:
Show an actual ROCK or STONE in an unusual or special place.

I'm up awaiting the birth of my second grandchild. It's been 15 hours since Alex's water broke, but no baby yet. I just talked with her, though, and she and Chris are hanging in there, and tell me all is going well, but s l o w. So I decided to participate in Carly's Monday Photo Shoot to distract myself. Thank you, Carly, for the terrific distraction! The assignment this week is rocks or stones. I've taken the assignment literally, but that's not a requirement. If you want to play too, click

Casa Grande Big Bend IMG_0143
Here is one big rock: Casa Grande in Big Bend. I took this shot in August 2005, on a sidetrip I made to Big Bend when I was driving Mike to UA for his freshman year. I love Big Bend.

the window, Big Bend
Here's one of the most beautiful spots in Big Bend: The Window. I took this shot at dusk one night on the same trip.

Balanced Rock IMG_0119
This is another favorite spot in Big Bend: Balanced Rock in Grapevine Hills.

And finally, as opposed to naturally occurring stone, here are two shots of stone that's been manufactured to make walls and walks. I took the pic of the wall in October 2005, and the walk in December 2008:
stone wall 3 Oct 2005  IMG_1965

sidewalk Dec 2008 IMG_1148


Greg said...

These are great photos, and you have added several sights that I would love to see one day. There is so much travel that I would like to do.


Ann said...

Beautiful! All of them. Still, I can't wait to see your new grandbaby!!! It's funny because my boss just had her first this morning. :) Ahhh little ones, nothing could be better.

Carly said...

Hi Judi :)

Big HUGS! Congratulations on the birth of your new grandbaby! That is fantastic! All my best wishes to you and your family! Welcome new little person!

Girl, those are BEAUTIFUL shots! My goodness, you always submit such wonderful, wonderful examples of the themes posted. Well done! I especially loved the second one. Just one more example of your photography I would love to have hanging in my home! Lovely.

Take care.

Always, Carly

Jama said...

Congrats on the latest addition to the family!

Love all your rocks shot.

Chris said...

Judi, those are incredible. I hope I can take such good shots once I finish my photography course.

Suzanne R said...

Congratulations on the new grandbaby! What an exciting time for you!

I am fascinated with the balanced rock, but I love all of your pictures. Nice job!

Tammy said...

I knew you would have a lot of great shots from your road trips.

27 HOURS! Poor Alex! XXOO

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Great shots! I almost got to Great Bend in 1986, and now I really, really want to see it. Thanks!