Wednesday, January 14, 2009

things I did today - 14 January 2009

I'm fighting off the upper respiratory crud that's making the rounds, so this will be short, but here's what I did today:

1. Went to work (of course);
2. Went out to lunch with a friend;
3. Stopped at the grocery store on my way home and picked up cat food and kitty litter (at least I have my priorities straight);
4. Filled my car with gas ($1.62 per gallon);
5. Bought two lotto tickets;
6. Stopped for take out for dinner (bad barbecue from Dickie's, but I feel crummy so nothing was going to taste very good);
7. Found a note from the City of Dallas on my front door saying a meter reader had, per my request, checked my water meter and I do, indeed, appear to have a leak, because even when there was no one home water was being used at the rate of 3/10 gallons per minute. The reader couldn't find the leak, so I'll have to hire a plumber to locate and fix it. Uh-huh. So there is a reason that my usage has jumped from under 3,000 gallons per month to 16,000 gallons per month.


Lisa :-] said...

Cripes! That's some leak! Better get it fixed...(oh, boy...yet another bill!)

Jan said...

Sorry about that awful leak.