Friday, January 09, 2009

Things I Did Thursday

1. I telecommuted.
2. At 8:30, I dropped off Ike for his surgery.
3. At 4:30 I picked up Ike from the animal hospital. He's now been neutered, treated for worms, and micro chipped. This was pretty major surgery for a cat his age and size, and when I picked him up, at about 4:30, the vet tech pointed out he was still "drunk" from the anesthesia. I carried him in my arms to my car and sat in the front seat holding him for a bit, debating whether to put him into the carrier for the drive home
, as it was clear he was still completely loopy and not feeling well. Luckily, I decided to do so. It turns out his stomach was upset and he had no control over his bowels and bladder. Uh-huh. I now have major olfactory knowledge of what it might be like to drive a small barnyard on wheels, not an experience I ever hope to repeat. The carrier is deep, thank goodness, but as soon as we got home, I had to give Ike a sponge bath before he could even lie down.
He drank some water, but he hasn't eaten anything, which is major for him, as he does love his food, weighing in at 15 pounds this morning at the animal hospital. He's been asleep most of the evening on a clean towel that I placed on his favorite ottoman.
4. I paid bills online.
5. I removed water marks from the dining room table by placing some packing paper over the marks and ironing the spots with a warm iron. D
unno why, but this works every time. Voila, the marks disappear like magic. Very Martha Stewart, I know, but my house is my nest, and I enjoy taking care of it. It's an oiled cherry table; I wouldn't try this with wood that's polyurethaned or varnished.
6. More Martha Stewart home care stuff: I removed quite a lot of wax from a velvet table runner by scraping off the excess wax, then placing packing paper over the wax and ironing with a warm iron until the wax had melted into the paper. I finished up by washing the runner, which came out beautifully. If the melted paraffin ends up leaving a spot, that can usually be removed with cleaning fluid.

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